Sara Eve's Adoption

Thursday, April 27, 2006

After our first MD visit on Tuesday, Sara woke up with a rash and a low grade fever. I feverishly called the MD's office in a panic (first time mom syndrome) asking what is this rash. Of course, I just knew she was allergic to something. Sara's MD was off that day so the covering doctor told me it was probably just contact dermatitis and to put some hydrocortizone cream on her. I did that and by lunch time yesterday, the rash had spread to her back, legs and arms and her fever was up to 101 degrees. I was freaking out! We didn't sleep much last night. Sara and I have been up since 1am. She was up probably because she was itchy and I was up worried to death about her rash and which shot she was allergic to. I watched her breathe all night to make sure she didn't stop breathing.

Today, we had to go into the MD office to look at her TB test. The TB test was negative. That was good news. I had the doc look at her rash and she told me it was coming from that baby wash I was using and to use unscented dove from now on. The doc also said to make sure that her clothes were being rinsed well when they were washed. Whew! A load off of my mind. We had more blood work to complete so we had to go the local hospital to complete those labs. Sara really hasn't had a good day today either. Poor thing, it seems that when she cries I also cry because I don't like getting stuck with needles either.

On a good note, Sara did drink from her sippy cup tonight at dinner! Yeahhhh!! and she almost fed herself a fruit puff. She loves those things. Her appetite seems to be coming back since her shots and her personality too!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We had our first well baby doctor visit today. Needless to say, Sara did not enjoy herself. She got 4 shots and a TB test. She was not a happy camper. She cried so much by the end of all the shots I was crying too. I felt so bad for her. I hope she doesn't run a fever tonight with all of the vaccinations she received today. I hope she sleeps well. Right now she seems to be fine. She is downstairs playing with daddy but I'll let all of you know how she does tomorrow. Unfornuately, there will not be any pictures today. You would not want to see the face that I saw today.

Have a good night and I will let you know how things go tomorrow!


Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sara attended her first church service today. Today is Sunday, April 23, 2006.

We went to church this morning and Sara enjoyed all of the music that was played. She got a little antsy between times though. She was so curious at everyone coming in to church. She always looked around to see where everyone was coming from and where they were sitting. She is very observant. Even though I was holding her, she still looked around to see if I was still there. She enjoyed everyone that came to speak to her. She smiled at them and turned to look at me. Of course, I had the biggest smile on my face because she is so cute. Everyone just loved her and commented on how well behaved she was (they ought to see her at home when she doesn't get her way.) She did do very well this morning.

Our pastor, Chip, always asks if there are any first time visitors. When he did so this morning, there were some first timers there but he commented on a very special first time person there and he came to where we were sitting and ask Keith and I to introduce Sara Eve. The congregation applauded us because they all knew about our trip and where praying for us the entire time. Chip gave a little speech about Sara and proceeded with his service.

Our service today was well fitting with the life and times of Sara and our little family. The service was about helping the needy. Of course, this could mean all kinds of needs that different people and families have but today it was special because we (Keith and Susie) obeyed in the Lord when we pursued the adoption for Sara. The bible talks about helping the orphans of this world. I truly believe that we were put on this earth for Sara. Today was a special day for us and I want to thank God for allowing us to make a difference in her life. Two people can't change the lives for every orphan but we can change at least one persons life and God has given us this opportunity to do that. Everyone says what a wonderful thing we are doing for her but it's God's glory that he has given us the strength and wisdom to do so. When you pray for us remember to thank God for choosing us to do His great work!

We had a wonderful weekend filled with meeting lots of new people. Uncle Chris and Aunt Betsy came with cousin David to meet Sara. Keith and I didn't have a chance to meet David because he was born 2 days before we left for China. David is already a month old. He is as cute as he can be. We will post some pictures of him for you to see.

Sara didn't really know what to think of him. She kept looking at him and wanted to pet him like she does Ginger (our house pet). She doesn't understand that he is a human and a baby just like she is. If you really want to know the truth, I think she was a little jealous when mom held David.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Post....

We were told by 3 people today we need to post some pictures. My co-worker (Keith), My Mom, and My Sister in Law Heather who visited today. Sorry - been a crazy last few days. I started back to work at Electrolux (Husqvarna). There are so many people that did so much for us. I would like to thank all the folks at Lab Corp in Burlington who threw the surprise baby shower for my Mom Kathy. I am trying to write you all Thank You notes. Just taking longer than I thoght. My co-workers at Husqvarna who filled in for me. Aubrey, David, John, Keith, Kim, Cindy, Jeanne, and Debbie to name a few. 10,000 thanks to my manager Roger for giving me time off to share with my family. My neighbors Mark and Tara for mowing the grass, watering flowers, and checking on things and other neighbors Shobha and her husband for watching and playing with our dog Ginger. Thanks to ALL of you for posting on our blog. We appreciate all the support.

We have been still feeling sick this week. But, getting better. I started back to work and Susie is going to start back in a few weeks. We founf that we get sleep if I am "on call" with Sara from bedtime until 2:00 am and from 2:00 am until ???? Susie is "on call" with Sara. She still tends to wake up crying every few hours but getting better. She is crawling like crazy now. Our friends Miles and Erin had triplets - GOD BLESS 'EM - 1 has been a hand full - I don't see how you guys do it?

Anyway - here's a few pictures from this week. I'll do a better job posting pics.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Still not feeling well -

Susie is still fighting a terrible conjestion in her lungs. She is caughing a lot. I am feeling a little better, but not the best either. Our neighbors, Mark and Terra Moon, have offered to bring us some fried chicken for dinner. We obviously accepted this offer! Sara has bonded well with Pappa and Grandma Irwin.

Hope all is well you.

Keith, Susie, and Sara

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some Neat Pictures of our last days in China

What an amazing journey. Sorry we have not been able to post for the past few days. We ALL have been and continue to be sick. We spent our last two days in Hong Kong at the Airport Regal in our hotel room resting. We were all so tired and exhaused. The pollution in Guangzhou gave Susie and I congestion problems and Susie has had alot of difficulties. Nothing too serious, but, with the exhaustion of Jet Lag and the emotions of Sara we don't want to take any chances so she is taking Sara to the doctor here in Augusta and is going to ask the doctor to prescribe us some medications as well. Here is a short summary of the last few days:

We left Hong Kong Monday 10:00 am local time for the 14 hour flight back to Newark. We had a good dinner on board but we were not able to sleep at all. We landed in Newark 2:00 pm Monday local time. Keith was so exhaused and nearly dehydrated that we had to let everyone leave the plane first then Keith, Susie and Sara made thier way to customs and immigration. We were blessed to have a imigration officer who has family and friends that adopted children from China so the stress on getting Sara thru customs was no big deal.

The layover in Newark was the worst. Only a few hours but after no sleep for 20 hours it may as well have been a 10 hour layover. Keith continued to not feel well. Sara was Cranky, and Susie had sinus problems. Susie had nose bleeds and her right eye is nearly swollen shut from the sinus stuff that has not drained.

Anyway - we got on the flight back to Atlanta no problems. We were met at the gate by Keith's Parents and we were off for a 2 hour drive from Atlanta to Augusta. We pulled in our driveway around midnight. So - We are all exhausted. Sara did not sleep to well so that means Keith and Susie did not sleep well either. We are running on emotions now. We are so glad to be home. Sorry so pics just yet. Let me recover and I will try to post some pics later today.

Keith, Susie, and Sara

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sorry to report this is the last night in Guandong at the White Swan Hotel. Today was a rainy day in the afternoon so we spent the afternoon inside napping. All three of us. We ate out again this evening at the same restaurant as last night. The River Restaurant I think it is called. It is next door. GREAT FOOD - Service could be improved but most of that is probably because not a one of us in the group speak Chinese. Oh Well....

Tomorrow we get out group pictures made. That should be neat. To have all 10 girls dressed in their Chinese outfits we bought them lined up in a row. Then we are off to the US Consolate to get the Passport for Sara to enter US then back off to Hong Kong Regal for 2 nights. Not sure what exactly we will do in Hong Kong. But - There's gotta be something right? Anyway - We had a blast today and will surely miss the Chinese. We didn't stray away from "Gringo Alley" but when we did we could tell the people were very curious. There is a park a few blocks away where the locals "dance excercise" in the mornings. I am going to go there after breakfast and try to get a few pictures.

All is well with the Irwin Family. Hope all is well with you.

Keith, Susie, and Sara Eve

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Greeting from White Swan Hotel - Guanzhou China

What a dissapointment shopping was. We went to a shopping mall and got to look at all the clothes from USA. Absolutly no difference from a JC Penny in the states. I think some of the group had hoped to walk the streets and look at different stores and shops.

We did go to a temple yesterday. Not that impressive but at least it was a chance to go offsite and see the town. We had a good dinner at the River Front Restaurant next door. Fried Spaggetti noodles for Keith and Vermacelli for Susie. We had dinner with our friends Russ and Nan from North Carolina.

Sara has been sleeping so well at night. With the exception of a wake up at 1:oo and 4:30 for a quick feeding she is right back to sleep and we wake up at 6:30. She is a big eater.

We had hoped to have a chance to visit her orphanage but it looks like now that may not be possible due to time. We leave White Swan tomorrow to go to the US Embassy to pick up her US Passport then off to Hong Kong Regal. I will try to post again but can not gurarantee that I will be able to.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Doctors Appointment went well. Here are a few notes from the doctor:

1) Weight was 17.5 lbs (She seems to weight more than that)
2) Height I can't remember (We get the documents in a few days)
3) The rasp she has is OK to treat with Trimedic.
4) Generally - she seems healty :-)

One couple had to take their daughter to the hospital two days ago with a contagious infection. So - the doctors are worried about children but didn't spend any time at all with that couple so we are not worried.

Sara was HARD to put to sleep last night. I think she had a belly ache. But - Mommy changed her diaper at 4:00 am this morning and Daddy Feed her. She is sleeping like a baby!

Daddy had to get into the bed with her last night. She would only and I mean ONLY sleep if we were standing up and walking around. The instant we sat down she cried and cried and cried. So - Daddy was the bad guy last night and let her cry her eyes out in bed until she fell asleep. Mommy too had a belly ache last night so Daddy had time with Sara.

Here are a few pics from yesterday. Today is sightseeing and shopping. I still can not read the posts from our blog but we look forward to reading them when we are able.

Keith, Susie, and Sara

Monday, April 03, 2006

I am having trouble with the Blog - I can't see what I have posted and what I haven't. So - if this is a duplicate I apologize.

We all slept good last night. Sara likes Congee (Like Grits) and Mashed Potatoes. We are ready for home. We are going to the "Health Clinic" in a few minutes. I will try to get some more pics then.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dad here - Mom is getting a bite to eat and Sara is sleeping.

What a night last night and day today.

We put her to bed at 9:00 last night and she woke up at 11:00. We stayed up till 2:30 then she got up again at 4:00 am (local times). So - We are Exhausted.

The good news is she likes her Daddy! :-) We get along great. We have so good pics of her smiling and laughing.

Today we started off by going back to the adoption center. It is Official now - She is legally Sara Eve MingYi Irwin. We have the papers to prove it. We had to answer several easy questions and wait and wait and wait then answer the same questions to a different person and wait and wait. The cool thing was our friend Michael nows how to use his camara as a Camcorder - so - he is going to download some video on their blog:


We then went to get her China Papers so she can exit the country - then - off to get her passport picture taken. All this before 12:00. The good news is - I found a good Chinese Restaurant. I even brought some back for Susie.

Anyway - Check out Michaels website and also the first smiles of Sara. I think she is spoiled rotten already.

Just a Dads thought! :-)

MEET SARA! We got her just about an hour ago. So much paperwork to fill out. She is doing well. A slight congestion, but, other than that all appears to be well. I am running on battery power now - so - I can't type to much. Tomorrow we go to fill out more paperwork.

We will try to update more tomorrow with some better pics. She has been crying a little now but has stopped and is curious with Susie. She hasn't quite warmed up to me just yet.