Sara Eve's Adoption

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Here's some pictures of Sara just being Sara. She is really learning to talk now. She turns 20 months on Jan 15th. 20 months going to 14 years. Little Miss "I'll do it myself" Sara.


Okay - so - its has been a month since our last post. Sara Eve continues to grow and amaze us. We were so busy over the holidays. We made a quick quick to North Carolina. We visited with the entire family. This was Sara Eve's first Christmas with us. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

The weather here in the Southeast has been so warm. Hardly below freezing at night with high's in the Mid-70's. We play outside on the weekends as best we can. We have had quite a bit of rain.

Susie and I continue to keep busy at work. We both put in a lot of hours, but always worth it to come home to Miss Sara. This weekend here in Augusta we met a lady in Martinez (our town) who also has an adopted daughter from China She invited us to a quarterly meeting with several other couples who have adopted Chinese children. There is a hugh Chinese population in Augusta and they enjoy teaching the Chinese culture to the children. We also had a good dinner with Keith's co-worker David and his wife Jackie. Sara Eve just loves to play with Jackie. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Keith, Susie, and Sara Eve